Solidifying the quadrocopter build

Up to now, I mostly worked on the concepts and theory of quadrocopter flight. However I also have to build a sold quadrocopter to survive some crashes (which are inevitable in the beginning, when no tuning has been done).

There were some things that really bugged me:

  • The motor power connections had to be removed to access the MPU board below the power distribution board.
  • I want to have four ultrasonic sensors and LEDs under the wings, but the ESCs already occupy the space.
  • With elements connected to both the bottom and the top with many connections in between, there is no simple way of separating the two parts, which means that cables have to be pulled in order to access the boards for soldering or other changes.
  • Most parts were attached with cable ties for prototyping, mostly because I had no drill bit.
Shows the upper frame part from below (frame’s lower plane is removed). The ESCs will all be mounted as the front left one to leave some space for LEDs and ultrasonic sensors. The Raspberry Pi will be mounted on top.

Now all the basic flight parts (wings, motors, ESCs, power distribution board, power trafo board, MPU board, PWM board) are attached to the frame’s upper plane, so that it is possible to dismount the lower plane and then access all the boards and wiring from below. Connections between frame and parts are now made with screws (except for a few pieces). The ESCs will be mounted on the inner sides of the wings, so that there is space on the outer and lower side. On the frame’s lower plane there is still space for a LiPo (below the power trafo board).

The picture shows the quadrocopter upside down with the frame’s lower plane removed. The front left wing already shows the new ESC positioning. The MPU board and raspberry pi are not yet mounted.


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