Quadrocopter inspirations

Other interesting Quadrocopter projects that use a Raspberry Pi:

  • http://www.icanmakeit.de/
    A blog with many lessons learned on how to build different quadrocopters with a professional attitude and love for details. Much valuable background information is given! [german]
  • https://solenerotech1.wordpress.com
    Good documentation on how to build and program a Quadrocopter, into the depth of PID controllers with Python.
  • https://github.com/PenguPilot/wiki/wiki/PiCopterEn
    This is really a very exciting Project because of the separation of concerns in different services, which can also be implemented in different languages (C or Python).

I would love to include some kind of SLAM technique with a Quadrocopter. LSD-SLAM seems very promising for this:

Because SLAM is really intensive in terms of computing power, it is not so easy to achieve on a Raspberry PI. Therefore streaming video to a groundstation laptop seems to be necessary. This also enables a cool live view for human beeings.

Live Videostreaming:


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